Kermit 95 v2.1.3 (Crypto Version)

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This Cryptographic version includes secure authentication and strong encryption for Internet connections using one or more of the following security methods: Kerberos IV, Kerberos V, SSL/TLS, SRP, SSH v1, or SSH v2, and any of various ciphers including CAST, DES, 3DES, or AES.

Kermit 95 v2.1.3 (Non-Crypto Version)

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Kermit 95 version 2.1.3 for the Microsoft Windows platform builds on its comprehensive and secure PC-to-Host communications capabilities with the following new features:
  • Integrated FTP and HTTP clients
  • Automatic highlighting of URL hotspots
  • A new Windows-based Internet Kermit Service (NT/2000/XP/2003 Server only)
  • Graphical interface with menu, toolbar, scrollbar
  • and more..